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What are others saying about the OAHO Volleyball Program? . . .

"My daughter was chattering non-stop the entire way home tonight.  She was so happy & enthusiastic!  She was talking about how much fun she has on her OAHO team, and how much she loves all her teammates.  I said to her "you're in such a good mood tonight!" . . . She said, "I'm always in a good mood after OAHO!"  I'm so glad we found your league!!  It's a perfect fit for her!  Positive coaches, fun playing environment.  We're happy to be part of the OAHO Family!" . . . Annie M. (Parent)

"This is the perfect league for my daughter. She loves volleyball and wants to get better but club volleyball is too intense for her. She and her friends have so much fun in the OAHO league. It is great to have the periodic clinics to improve their basic skills. The coaches are all very helpful and encouraging. The league is very well organized too.  Great work to the OAHO staff.  I am so appreciative of your dedication for developing this league." . . . Kim G. (Parent)

"Upon discovering OAHO, I can proudly say that I have made many new friends in a positive, caring, and fun environment that provides nothing short of one of the best volleyball experiences I have had. Being a club volleyball player myself, I greatly appreciate what this league has to offer for players who are truly passionate about the game. There are many enjoyable aspects of OAHO that make it unique, such as the rules of '3 games to 21 points' and '3 points per server'. I'm so glad that every Friday night I can play the sport that I love while making new friends. This league has given me many great experiences, not just in volleyball, but in memories that I will treasure in my heart for a long time." . . . K.J.  (Club Player)

"The OAHO League is Awesome!  Both my daughter and son enjoy the organized and competitive games.  They're having fun playing volleyball while making new friends!" . . . Phyllis T. (Parent)

"OAHO is a good compliment to Club Volleyball.  My daughter has been able to take all the practices, drills and workouts and set them aside every Friday night and just be a kid again who loves to play volleyball.  Through OAHO she has made friends, social connections and broadened her networks. Anyone seeking the above or that next step before club volleyball OAHO is by far the best at what it has to offer!"

. . . Michael J. (Parent)

"My daughter has been playing club volleyball for a couple of years and is always looking for extra practice during the off season. OAHO was perfect for her! The positive attitude and knowledgeable staff was awesome!" . . . Jean B.  (Parent)

​"OAHO is a great place for Volleyball fun!  My two experienced Club Players have participated in several of their leagues.  They were able to practice their skills, learn teamwork and develop friendships while playing in a positive atmosphere.  OAHO provides competitive volleyball for all skill levels.  Overall, it's a wonderful  environment for all to enjoy volleyball!  Coach Mickey and his Staff and Coaches are so nice and friendly, they make you feel like family!" . . . Lisa L (Parent)

"Finally!  A competitive sports league where they really maintain a positive environment for the kids to play hard and have fun.  Everyone here is a Winner and I'm proud to be a member of the OAHO Family!" . . . Michael T.